LET-355-BLK Patented InkStool™ Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Artist Technician Work Stool

42.00 LBS


The InkStool™ (US Patent #9451831 B2) is a patented revolutionary new ergonomic stool that like the InkBed™, was created with the tattoo artist in mind. The InkStool™ was developed after an extensive design project in a collaborative effort with tattoo artists with years of industry experience. The InkStool was also designed based on feedback from a University of Washington ergonomic study.  The InkStool, designed by tattoo artists FOR tattoo artists, looks like a heavy duty artist work stool on wheels, but it is so much more.


The InkStool™ provides mobility and comfort when used as a stool. What makes it truly unique however, is that it has a secondary usage mode we call the “straddle work mode”. This patented ingenious design allows you to straddle the InkStool™ and transform the backrest into a completely modular and adjustable, ergonomic chest-rest. The InkStool™ has comes with fully adjustable fold-down “wing” armrests that can be set at 15 different angles, configurable to half-length elbow rests, or removed entirely if you desire.  The adjustable headrest doubles as a chin-rest and can be removed entirely to free up additional working angles. 


  • Heavy Duty Construction: The heavy duty InkStool™ was designed with a steel reinforced seat and a wide 22” base spread on the legs. The stool is tested to support 300Lbs of weight securely and comfortably in any position when both feet are on the ground. 
  • Extra Wide Comfort Seat:  The extra-wide design on the seat cushion was a direct feedback request from existing customers.  The extra wide seat provides additional comfort as well as stability.
  • Fold-Down Wing Armrests: Truly unique patented design, the 3” thick foam backrest has two “wings” that fold-down in to armrests. Fold them down and straddle the stool for a completely different ergonomic work experience that provides support for your arms and entire upper body! These armrests adjust and lock individually into 15 different angles for complete flexibility and customizability. Armrests can also be adjusted to extend them out a total of 5” for those artists that prefer to work with a wider arm-span.  Additionally the arms are modular and the ends can be removed to convert them into elbow-rests if you prefer.
  • Extendable/Removable Backrest: The top of the backrest is extendable up to an additional 3” for the comfort of taller users. More importantly - when in the straddle work position the top of the backrest can be used as a chinrest.  The backrest can also be fully removed, this option offers customized comfort for all users, but especially for female artists as it provides free support without binding or compressing the breasts
  • Adjustable Backrest/Chest-rest Height and Angle: The stool backrest (chest-rest in straddle work position) is fully adjustable and can be locked in any desired angle for maximum comfort and support. Additionally, the height of the center backrest support has a full 9” adjustable range, to set it from 9½" above the seat up to 18½” above the seat


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