LET-488-ARM-GRY InkBed Armrest Expansion Kit for IB-488 ONLY (Repackaged)

15.00 LBS

***Repackaged Item***

This entry is for InkBed™ Modular Armrest Pair Expansion Kit

Imortant note:  This kit is only compatible with the 2016 model InkBed™.  This armrest kit will not work with any prior versions of the InkBed™ (Series 3 or earlier), nor is it compatible with the InkChair™, InkStool™, or any other bed or chair we carry.  These arms must be used in conjunction with the InkBed™ and may not be utilized standalone. 

This kit comes with a left and a right client armrest expansion for the new 2016 model InkBed™.  

Each individual ball-and-socket joint armrest can be fully adjusted to your inking needs. The fully adjustable tilt & swivel design allows you to set your armrest at virtually any tilt and angle, so you can comfortably access all parts of your client's arms during work, while providing a rock-steady working base.

Adjust armrests flush with bed for extra wide seating. Armrests are designed with lock-tight wide-key tension lock Ball-and-Socket joints for maximum adjustability and stability

With a quick twist of our easy-grip ergonomic lock-tight key, you can effortly adjust height, tilt-angle, or even distance from side of chair. Each arm can be independently adjusted, or quickly added or removed (no tools required). This allows you complete freedom to customize your work surface for your client's skin, ensuring client comfort - and optimal work surface for detailed inking.

  • High Density Comfort Foam Padding: 4" thick high density foam for extreme comfort
  • Individual Armrest Dimensions: 14.5" L x 5.5" W
  • Armrest Bracket Dimensions: 17" H x 8.5" W